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IUP Student Housing in Indiana,PA

Houses and Apartments for Small or Large groups!

How many bedrooms are you looking for?

Just searching for a property fit for a small group? No problem! Browse our IUP student housing property galleries by clicking on the links below.

Two Bedrooms
Three Bedrooms
Four Bedrooms
Five Bedrooms

LARGE group? We can accommodate you with multiple houses or apartments close to each other!

Keep scrolling to see IUP rentals for LARGE groups!
Steps From Campus
Garman Apartments / 930 Wayne House / 937 & 935 Wayne House

These apartments & houses are all directly next to each other or across the street from each other.

Garman is an apartment building as close to IUP campus as you can get which is made up of 2 bedroom3 bedroom or 4 bedroom apartments and can house a total of 18 people.

930 Wayne house is a large 4 bedroom duplex next to Garman. Each apartment can accommodate 4 allowing it to provide enough housing for 8.

935 is a 2 bedroom house apartment and in the same house is our 5 bedroom 937 unit. The entire house can accommodate 7 people. This house is across the street from Garman & 930 Wayne.

Close To Everything
848 Wayne House

Our 848 Wayne Ave. house has 3 units in it.  Our 848 Apt. 2 & Apt. 3 are both 2 bedroom units. Our 848 Apt..1 is a very large 5 bedroom unit.  The house can accommodate a total of 9 people.

*Please note that 848 is right on the edge of campus and less than a block from our Garman Apt/930 Wayne house/937&935 Wayne house location.

Spacious Houses
The Maple Street Houses

3 houses in a row. Each house is a duplex. 431 & 435 houses have two 4 bedroom apartments housing a total of 8 people per house. 455/457 has one 3 bedroom apartment and one 4 bedroom apartment. Housing a total of 7 people.  The three houses could accommodate a total of 23 people.

Near the Oak Grove
314 S 11th House / 1077 Church House

If you would like to live on the Oak Grove side of campus, two houses that are 2 blocks away from each other are our 1077 Church Street Duplex and our 314 S 11th street stand-alone house.

Church has one 3 bedroom apartment and one 4 bedroom apartment which together house a group of 7.  314 is a 5 bedroom house, accommodating 5 people.  Together they would house 12 people.

Near the Hub
724 School House / 210 Rice House

Two stand-alone houses next to each other.  724 is a 5 bedroom house and 210 is a 4 bedroom house. Together they would house a total of 9 people.